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Building automation and lighting technology

The lighting in a room is an important factor for the productivity and the comfort of an individual. The aim is to fulfil these requirements cost-effectively with an appealing design while observing the required
guidelines. For this purpose, taking the practical requirements into consideration, Leonhardt Media creates, from the variety of lighting systems available, a made-to-measure lighting concept that is in tune with the client's architecture and philosophy.

In addition to the cost-effectiveness of lighting concepts of all dimensions, criteria such as daylight dependent regulation, presence detection or central controls are integrated in an intelligent building

Perfect installation of intelligent architectural engineering and of distribution

Ventilation controls, temperature regulation, solar shading systems and energy management can be integrated into the media controls by means of existing interfaces. Thus, a crossbuilding operating concept is created, consisting of hardware, software and programming which can be adapted to changes in requirements or a new application at any time.

The result is multiple benefits for many years.